All of our classes have a max of 6 people per class. This is because we strongly believe in making sure each student receives an adequate amount of individual instruction from your instructors. Your progress and program is tailored to grow with you. We will encourage you to push yourself, as that’s how you learn and advance, but we will also respect your boundaries! 

The Aerial Arts Academy is a safe place for all. Our classes are open to anyone. We believe in UNITY IN DIVERSITY. This will never change. ​



A fun, conditioning, and choreography class for kids ages 6+. We have beginner-advanced classes.


In this class, the emphasis is on having FUN on the silk. We learn new moves, sequences, routines, transitions, and (safe) drops.


Conditioning and stretches are also integrated into the program for a well-rounded workout.


Participation in our annual student showcase is optional but encouraged.


It is our mission to provide our students with top tier training in a safe, positive, and enlightening environment. We aim to develop the art across the region and influence young creatives to express themselves through aerial dance.  


FOR BEGINNER STUDENTS: The objective of this class is to teach you the basics and fundamentals of practicing aerial, to strengthen your muscles and joints progressively, and to introduce you to the “flight of freedom!”. 


FOR INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED STUDENTS: The objective of this class is to continue with strength training on (and off) the silk, to increase flexibility, and to safely teach you intermediate/advanced moves on the silk, and to train them in preparation for choreography. 


No prerequisites. ALL ADULTS (17+) ARE WELCOME! 


This adult class is dedicated to creating beautiful movements and choreography while improving endurance and cardio. 


Flows, transitions, techniques, and routines are the focus of this class. 


The perfect aerial dance class. 


Prerequisite: at least 1 cycle of the silk conditioning class. This is to ensure you have a solid foundation of silk skills. 


ole is a dynamic art form that allows you to express yourself encompassing any acrobatics and dance around, on, and with a pole. In our school, we will utilize the spin and static options of the pole. Our classes are open to all genders and levels of fitness and flexibility. There are no pre-requisites to join! All classes will begin with a dynamic warm-up to build strength for the pole, as well as passive and active stretches to increase range of motion and flexibility. Then, each class type involves learning tricks and then incorporating them into a combo. Finally, we cool down the muscles after each class! We believe this is very important to relax the nervous system after intense activity.


Beginner - Understanding Pole (Basic techniques and mechanisms) Here you will build a strong foundation preparing you to achieve your pole goals! You will be introduced to basic pole movements (tricks and spins) to get you comfortable on the pole. 

Intermediate- Begin to challenge your strength, flexibility and endurance a bit more by incorporating more upside down movements, exploring different pole grips and invert styles (exploring more entries).

Intermediate/advance - combining all you've learnt and more. Full routines from spins to climbs and multiple poses on the pole. Unleashing your full pole potential!



Students are required to wash their hands & have their temperature checked before entering the studio. 

Your instructors will be masked for the duration of class. Students are required to wear a mask until they are in their designated "silk space".

Silks are steamed cleaned with medical grade disinfectant in between each class. 

All commonly touched surfaces are disinfected in between each class.

Sanitising  alarms will ring every 10 minutes during class where students are to stop and sanitize their hands.


Choose your class.

Fill out our online registration form & waiver.

Receive your confirmation email within 24 hours. 

Secure your place by paying the deposit + get ready to fly.

Please note we are currently closed due to C-19. We have used this opportunity to do some renovations in the studio. However, we plan on opening our doors very soon! THEA3 REBIRTH! 


Maraval, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

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