A fun, conditioning, and choreography class for kids ages 6+. We have beginner-advanced classes.


In this class, the emphasis is on having FUN on the silk. We learn new moves, sequences, routines, transitions, and (safe) drops.


Conditioning and stretches are also integrated into the program for a well-rounded workout.


Participation in our annual student showcase is optional but encouraged.

silk team


This is a new avenue for us at the Aerial Arts Academy. We are building a team of competitive aerialists for future competitions, performances, and projects.


Team training takes place 2x week. These training classes include strength training, conditioning, technique, and choreography. Team members are also required to attend stretch class 1x week.



1 on 1 classes


Private training

silk with hope

adult classes

beginner series



6-week series

class once a week

set day and time

$120 drop-in class

a new series begins every 6 weeks

The beginners series is the perfect starting point for all beginners! 

In this class you will learn how to execute different moves safely and correctly. You will build a solid foundation of strength in your muscles + joints. 

This series is a mix of strength, flexibility, beginner flow choreography, cardio + endurance. You will learn a beautiful beginner routine that incorporates all the moves you've learned.

A fun, exciting, well rounded workout that is the perfect stepping stone to our skill + choreography classes. 

*beginners only 

silk with hope

This silk conditioning + skill class is where you learn + practice different moves, transitions, drops and holds for your level. 

This class is designed to accommodate students at all levels as it is primarily individual coaching in a group setting.  

Building strength, endurance, skill, and learning choreography is the focus of this exciting class.

*must complete a beginners series before joining this class


aerial silks class pass

6 class pass $500

$100 member drop in

$120 non member drop in


recreational student:

1x/week - $900/term 

2x/week - $1300/term

drop-in - $100/class

silk team:


private training: