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silk with hope adult
beginner series


recreational student:

1x/week - $950/term 

2x/week - $1600/term

drop-in - $100/class

The beginners series is the perfect starting point for all beginners! 

In this class, you will learn how to execute different moves safely and correctly. You will build a solid foundation of strength in your muscles + joints. 

This series is a mix of strength, flexibility, beginner flow choreography, cardio + endurance. You will learn a beautiful beginner routine that incorporates all the moves you've learned.

A fun, exciting, well-rounded workout that is the perfect stepping stone to our skill + choreography classes. 

*beginners only 

series runs for 6 weeks

class once a week


Upcoming Beginners Series: January 2024 

silk with hope - adult

This silk conditioning + skill class is where you learn + practice different moves, transitions drops and holds for your level. 

This class is designed to accommodate students at all levels as it is primarily individual coaching in a group setting.  

Building strength, endurance, skill, and learning choreography is the focus of this exciting class.

Class Schedule: Tuesdays 6pm

6-week series

class once a week


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