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If you have no experience in pole this is the class for you. 


This program will be 6 weeks long, one class per week.  


This allows us to teach you all the necessary foundational work. Also, this program allows your body to adjust to the new apparatus.


You will be taught a routine that contains all the fundamental pole elements to prepare you for our mixed level classes.

*beginners only

All classes will cater to various levels of strength and flexibility on the pole.


The tricks and/or combination taught within that class, will be broken down in progressions.  No one gets left behind!

You can enrol in as many classes as you want.

*must have completed a beginner series 

*mixed level class

We believe flexibility is equally as important as strength and we encourage everyone to incorporate stretching into their health + fitness regime. This classic flexibility class holds an emphasis on contortion, however we cater and individualize the class to suit all flexibility levels. 


We have created the schedule that flexibility classes can be taken right before or after a pole class.


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