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What should I wear?

We recommend wearing leggings that go past your knee, and a fitted top that covers your shoulders. Why fitted? So you're not exposed when you go upside down!


Do I need to have a fitness background or experience to start aerial silks?

Absolutely not, all levels are welcome! Whether you're new to exercise or have moderate ability, or even a fitness pro, your lesson will be tailored to your ability. Aerial silks is a fantastic way to build muscle, tone your muscles, and lose weight. 


How many students are there per class?

We have a strict 5:1 ratio. 5 students, to 1 instructor (or instructor assistant). There will never be more than 9 students per class (with the exception of open gym periods)

Is there a weight limit?

No, there is no weight limit. In fact, our silks can hold up to 1,000 pounds! 

How are the silks suspended?

Safety is our top priority. We only use the best hardware designed for holding the weight. Special clamps are clamped onto the I-beams in the ceiling. Then, carabiners are used to connect the clamp to the silk rings (and or daisy chain), and the silks are tied to the silk rings using a Boland knot. We like to keep our rigging visible, so you can see how we rig our silks! 

I'm afraid of heights, do I have to go high?

Absolutely not! We want you to have fun and be comfortable on the silk, especially as a beginner. Although we are confident that your own confidence will grow so you can overcome your fear, all at your own pace, of course. 

I get motion sickness, is this for me?

You may feel slightly sick after your first few classes. But your body will adapt and that feeling will go away. Some of our past students have even reported that their motion sickness was cured as well! We recommend trying out a class first before committing to a full term or month. 


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