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This program was designed for anyone who wants to join our school/classes when we reopen. Including current students, to maintain their strength and flexibility appropriately for aerial silks, as well as to broaden their knowledge. We also welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about your body and how amazing it is! All content in the course is a new way of learning aerial. We take students ages 6 to adult. 
New students will be “copilots” and existing students will be “captains”. May as well stick with the theme!✈️
With this course you get one video lesson a week (no more than 10 min long). These lessons are designed to broaden your knowledge of your body, your muscles, joints, ligaments and so on. Each week is a different theme. You will learn what muscles are activated in different movements on the silk, and what muscles are being stretched in different silk moves. We also dive into different techniques that we use in our classes and practice implementing them on the floor.
You also are required to attend the weekly Zoom class call with Hope. During this call we will recap the video lesson and make sure everyone is on the same page.🤓 We will have a short discussion about the topic and answer any questions. Following that, we get into our workout and deep stretch session. 
After the Zoom call, a short quiz is sent to each student to test their understanding of the weekly lesson. This course is not a pass or fail mark. But this quiz will let me know if anyone needs any individual attention. 
Each student will also have access to a weekly workout and deep stretch video and are encouraged to do it daily to maintain their progress. 💪🏽
By the time we open our doors, every student of Ground School will be BEYOND ready to get on a silk (to be honest I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner!). They will:
✅ understand the fundamentals of our program at THEAAA
✅ understand which muscles are working to get them into a particular move, and how they are able to hold it. 
✅ understand how stretching works, and will be introduced to a new method of stretching that will be implemented into our program
✅ be fully conditioned for the silk (strength, endurance as well as flexibility)
✅ virtually taught + practiced beginner silk moves on the floor (copilots), or virtually taught + practiced advanced silk moves on the floor (captains) 
✅ know how to listen to your body and mind to practice aerial safely and responsibly 
✅ understand our schools safety guidelines 
Cost of this course is $100TTD per month/ $15 USD per month. 
Amount of time to dedicate to the course: 1 hour per week. 

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Maraval, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

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