A new form of fitness that’s so much fun you won’t even realize you are working out.

Aerial Silks is a length of material (can hold up to 1000 pounds) rigged from the ceiling, giving you a tool to climb, create figures, perform tricks and stunts and generally play! The variety of moves, drops, wraps, twists and turns are practically endless and create an ever intriguing challenge for you!


You don't need any experience to be able to give Aerial Silks a go. There are tricks and exercises for people of all levels and each session is structured to you so that you can progress whatever your level.


It works pretty much every muscle in the body and increases your flexibility. Your arms, wrists, forearms, biceps, triceps and shoulders will all get a workout. Legs, quads, calves and ankles. Aerial Silks is an amazing workout for your back and your abdominals and it strengthens your core as you play.


Classes are available for kids 5+ up to adults. So come fly with us and embrace your grace! Keep scrolling to learn more about our instructor! 


Maraval, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

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